Drilling Jars

The Toro Drilling Jar is an effective tool for releasing stuck drill pipe. Toro offers four types of performance drilling jars:  

  • M series:       Mechanical
  • H series:       Hydraulic
  • HM series:    Hydraulic-Mechanical
  • HM2 series:  Hydraulic-Mechanical (two unit)

The Toro M series Mechanical Jar utilizes a mechanical lock for activation for both up and down jarring action.  The jarring action is instant and without delay.

The Toro H series Hydraulic Jar provides a full hydraulic action with a 1-2 minute delay for both up and down jarring.

Toro offers both single unit and a two unit hydraulic-mechanical jars.  The HM series Hydraulic-Mechanical Jar offers a combination mechanical-hydraulic action in a single unit while the Toro HM2 series Hydraulic-Mechanical Jar utilizes a two piece design.  Both jars use a mechanical release action for jarring down and a hydraulic delay action for jarring up.

For more information on the Toro Drilling Jars, please click on the specification sheets below (requires a PDF reader to view).

Toro Tool  Handbook

Click Here to view the Toro Drilling Tools Handbook

M Drilling Jar Specifications
H Drilling Jar Specifications

M series:  Mechanical Jar Specifications

H series:  Hydraulic Jar Specifications

Toro Hydro-Mechanical Drilling Jar

HM series Jar

HM Drilling Jar Specifications
HM2 Drilling Jar Specifications

HM series:  Hydraulic-Mechanical Jar Specifications

HM2 series:  Hydraulic-Mechanical Jar (Two Unit) Specifications


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